teacher checklist


Moving across the world is difficult enough…getting the appropriate paperwork together shouldn’t be!

So we put together a little list for you…

You’re welcome!


  • Original Teaching Credential with an expiration date past the end of the contract. This needs to be Translated into Traditional Mandarin*, and then Notarized** and Authenticated by TECO***.

  • Original Undergraduate Diploma Notarized and Authenticated by TECO.

  • Original FBI/RCMP Background check Notarized and Authenticated by TECO. In Canada, if you didn’t get a background check that required you to give fingerprints, then you got the wrong background check.

  • A COPY of your passport Notarized and Authenticated by TECO.

  • A Resume that is translated into Traditional Mandarin and then Notarized.

  • Check with your specific school as the required documents may vary.

*Translated into Traditional Mandarin: In opposed to Cantonese. You can find translators all over the world very easily by doing a quick online search.

**Notarized: Is basically having someone who is considered trustworthy in the name of the law stamp a document saying that it is in fact yours and that the document is valid.

***Authenticated by TECO: Is basically a fancy way of telling you to bring your documents to the “Taipei Economic and Cultural Office” closest to where you live, to have them also stamp the documents saying that it’s valid. The TECO is essentially they’re consulate, in case that might have confused you. You can call or email them and ask all these questions too, they’re super friendly…they’re Taiwanese!! 

TECO CANADA: https://www.roc-taiwan.org/ca_en/

TECO USA: https://www.taiwanembassy.org/us_en/


  • The curriculum

  • Average class size

  • The work environment (cleanliness, safety, location, etc)

  • Prep time

  • Vacation times

  • Working hours

  • Is there any weekend work 

  • Are extracurricular activities mandatory

  • Dress code

  • What technology is available (smart board, computer, etc)

  • Ask them to set up a video chat with a teacher that is currently working at the school. They’ll give you the juicy details you really want to know.