I have, what might just be the first Affiliate Bitwig link...

What that means for you is that I can give you a Coupon Code for when you buy Bitwig.

It also means you can use the coupon code for buying any of the video tutorials offered on their website...which are actually really good if I may say so myself!!!

Anyway, you're wondering "whats the $#%@ Bitwig Coupon Code Alex?!"

Ya, ok fine.

First click Here which will bring you to the Bitwig website, it should automatically calculate the discount when you click 'buy' on something.

IF NOT, then type 'alexvaan' in the coupon code area during checkout/in your cart, and voila.

You're welcome.

Here's the thing! Until April 1st 2018, you will get 15% off! Here in Canada, that means you save about $90. Sweet!

After April 1st 2018, it goes down to 10%. So act quick!!!