Ep 1. Channel Diversification Time!

This is the first of its kind!! Lets see how it goes! I'll try to make more, and get better at doing it...the whole shooting/editing/colour grading thing.

Its pretty clear by watching this video that it's my first Vlog.

At the time of recording this (and even now in many ways) I had NO IDEA how to shoot proper footage, edit video in Adobe Premier or DaVinci Resolve, capture audio in an easy way, or produce quality content in any sense of the word.

Obviously because of my experience in the music industry I had a pretty good idea on what I needed to do to get good sounding dialogue, but that doesn't mean it's easy. Even now I'm recording my audio separately which isn't exactly conducive to spontaneity, which is how I like to do basically everything.

Also, being in the music industry has exposed me to a lot of the entertainment industry in general, so i've been able to reach out to some people for help and pick up a few tips and tricks along the way.

by the way, I in no way believe that I am getting close to being good at this, so please don't misinterpret what i'm saying.

The reason I wanted to diversify my channel is because, frankly, I got somewhat bored of always making videos 'in the box' if you will. I love teaching Bitwig tutorials, and I love making those videos even now. I just craved some kind of change. Some kind of way to reach more subscribers!

I've always toyed with the idea of creating 'live action' style content. I always thought the idea of being able to capture some of the craziness that goes on in my life would entertain at least a few people. I think anyone that lives, works, and plays in the music industry is intriguing to those who want to break into the industry, and lets be honest, thats most people. (I'm obviously biased).

This first video is essentially a vlog about me trying to figure out vlogging. 

I went to Canadian Tire thinking that I could find a way to build both my audio recorder and camera into a unit so it can mount on the same tripod.

Stupid me then realized that every time I put my Tascam recorder near my Huawei P10, it would make the most god awful crackling sound and so back to the drawing board I went!

The drawing board is still blank...

I just carry that damn Tascam in my pocket now, and use a lapel mic which I got from Amazon for like a dollar (you can find a link to it in the 'my gear' section of the web page).

Actually, here's the link: http://amzn.to/2E6mlI9