Ep 2. Another Cat, Another Studio.

In the second ever Vlog

I meet up with my buddy Alf Anibalinni because we are putting together a podcast. 

That's right, another labor of love that will likely never let us retire!!!

Alf and I kind of realized together that everyone in this industry is SO interesting. There are no normal people in here. We're all freaks. happy freaks. and we want to share those stories.

We also put together a list of celebrities we know and it turns out there's quite a few good ones!

This vlog is about the taping of an episode of the soon to be released 'A-Side Podcast.' 

Its super appropriate that we hit a topic like 'what its like to drop everything thats comfortable and go into the music industry'

It's a long time discussion for any of us. Basically everyone I meet has a unique story about why they entered the music industry against literally everyone's advice.

So what is it like to leave your job and get into music? Well, we cover that a lot in the podcast but I can tell you that its both terrifying and amazing. I sometime's feel like writing a whole book on 'how to get into the music industry' but it'd be a short book... it would be like "JUST LEAVE EVERYTHING AND BE BROKE FOR A WHILE AND WHO CARES ABOUT ANYTHING ANYWAY WE'RE ALL GONNA DIE ONE DAY. Probably not going to be a best seller.

I used to be a glassier, which is a fancy way of saying I installed windows on sky scrapers in downtown Toronto. It's a super stable job (financially anyway. Not, like, you're-definitely-gonna-stay-alive-today stable). But it sucked. My boss and co workers were amazing, my brother in law still does it. But I was never built to work in the same place, to punch the same clock, or to have a boss in general, or to have to beg for a raise or a vacation.

That sounds great to you doesn't it? Well, the music industry (for the most part) also doesn't come with a pension, benefits, job security, or any guarantee where your next cheque is coming from. And if you screw up a gig big time, let someone down, act flakey, or are a douche, good luck. You have ZERO chance. It might look like rock n roll fun times, and it is, but it's still a major responsibility. Nobody cares if you don't show up to work. You just won't ever get to work again.

I love my life now despite those little details. I'd rather have to be smart with my money, get my own benefits and pension, and hustle for my pay than say 'Yes Sir. Sorry Sir. Can I have a raise now Sir?'

Its a good thing that people will discourage you to go into the music industry. If everyone tried to get in, there would be no money in it. It would be like Mechanical Engineering. We pump out like a million Mech Eng graduates every year. HOW MANY ENGINEERS DO WE NEED?

But the fact that there's this belief that there's no money in the music industry, and that it's impossible to get into it, makes it so much easier to get in, and make money. Not many parents are saying 'Sure little Johnny, go into the music business, don't be a lawyer!'

Thank god for that. Little Johnny is a flakey douche.

Did I mention you meet my cat Michael Jackson in this video?