Ep 3. Racist and Unemployed!

It's a sad day in the Vaan household! The unit you see me holding here has carried many songs for me. It was the recorder of choice before I had a reliable laptop. I spent the day before listening to the old crappy songs I had written into it, with the old crappy bands that played with me. We sucked back then, but man was it ever fun!!!

In this vlog I say good bye to this old Zoom R16 unit! and turn it into bill paying cash.

Whatever. Some young kid will probably get some good use out of it the way I did! Maybe they'll be famous!

I also managed to write a terrible song in the vlog. Maybe because I was listening to the songs that came off of it, I ended up writing a song that belonged right along side it!

I mentioned that I had gone to Mexico (Cancun) with my girlfriend Erin recently (at the time), and that I had to once again use American cash... I don't want to insult anyone, but tell me again why the U.S. is printing paper cash still? It's so easy to rip, you can't get it wet, its not colour coded, and it kills trees, and leaves ink on your fingers. It literally costs a fortune to replace paper money because it rips all the time and wears out. JUST SAYIN. 

Ah whatever. It's really non of my concern!!