Many people know many things about Alex ‘Vaan’ Ahmed, but no one person knows everything, despite his frequent open hearted outpouring of stories and art on the internet.

Whether you remember him as a Cook, a Musician, a Degenerate, a Skyscraper Window Installer, Drug Addict, Writer, Partner in Crime, Touring Stage Manager and Sound Engineer with some of the biggest bands in Canada, as a goof ball, class clown, depressive, confidante, Friend or as an English teacher in Taiwan, his dream is that you will remember him as an Artist.

Someone who inspired you to do something good for once, while you eek out (what he would assume) your miserable existence... For the sake of his own karma.

There are stories we can get from Alex, most are best left in the dark.

Nearly all of them rooted in a lesson hard learned, but with a profoundly positive meaning.

But if for no other reason than to leave something behind when finally he mutters his last bit of unabashed and egregious cynicism, here is a website dedicated to his work.

Continue at your own risk.

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